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New Yachting TV Show Welcomes You Aboard For The Ultimate Voyage!

The World of Super Yachts Television Show

How many times have you admired a superyacht and wondered what it would be like if it were yours?

The World of SuperYachts has your V.I.P. boarding pass!

Experience the opulence of a superyacht...
Travel to exotic destinations...
Be privy to yachting society...
Discover the most extravagant toys of the elite...

Show Format and Content

Featured SuperYacht

You will be treated to an exclusive tour of its luxurious interior and experience the many unique amenities that she has to offer.

Yachting News & Views

News, views, and lifestyles of the people associated with The World of SuperYachts are featured.
Gala social events
International regattas
Interviews with unique & fascinating yachting personalities

New Products

The latest and most extravagant toys and equipment found on a superyacht, including:

High-tech navigational tools


Experience the exotic ports of call that these superyachts grace.

Cruise the Riviera
Enjoy tropical tradewinds of the Caribbean
Bask in the warmth of Tahiti.

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